David Petty Music

".... the next best thing to sleeping in church "

A weekly podcast of sorts, where each Sunday morning David makes available a piece of music he created that week just for that particular Sunday. 


... the next best thing to sleeping in church.

One Sunday Morning in 2013 I woke up and felt inspired to create a short piece of music. As an experiment I sent it out to 20 friends. They liked it and I did it again the next week. They forwarded it to their friends, who forwarded it to their friends. If you're reading this note, it's no accident; you're somehow connected to that original group of 20 people.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee; enjoy a piece of music created just for this particular Sunday. At midnight the post comes down and it lives only in our memory


Who am I? I'm a North Carolina musician and songwriter. Sunday Morning Music is my main thing, but I play shows out from time to time. Subscribe to the mailing list and I'll send you back information on each week's Sunday Morning Music as well as live show and new song info !

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